Price Increases and how not to do it!

Quick post this week; we received a very interesting letter through from our good friends at Pioner-Fristads this morning.  The content of this letter is quite simply so unbelievable I feel compelled to include a copy.

Our best selling (and brand new this year) FireMaster-Plus and RiggMaster Flame retardant protective coveralls have gone up in price by a whopping 25%.   But that’s not all, the normal one month notice has infact been replaced with less than no notice.  The letter is dated on the 25th of July 2011 but was actually posted on Friday the 29th, recieved Monday the 1st of August.  That’s minus one weeks notice by my count.

We’re not whinging for the sake of it.  We feel we have a care of duty to our customers and that includes giving a months notice for price increases.  Obviously 25% is simply too much for us to take on so it is with great regret that we’ve increased the price of the firemaster and riggmaster coveralls.

Let us all hope that this does not become common practice, Britain depends on small businesses providing good service and value to their customers.   Small businesses depend on good suppliers playing fair to stay competitive and deliver this level of service.  If this way of doing business continues it will be bad news for everyone.  Rant over.

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