Flame Retardant Protective Clothing – What do you need?

Flame Retardant Anti Static high viz jacketUnderstanding your needs

(This is the second blog in a series on FR clothing  We’re trying to provide a useful resource for people looking to buy flame retardant clothing.  We’re starting with the basics – if you have any questions then please contact us)

After considering whether or not you and your employees need fire retardant clothing, you need to consider what you need to get from it. There is a wide range of fire resistant clothing out there and each is designed for different scenarios with different risks, a flame retardant coverall may not protect you from electrical arcs, or you may need a high visibility jacket to ensure you are seen at all times.

Safety first

Flame retardant clothing protects against flash fires, these are high heat fires that typically last between 1 and 3 seconds. If you look back to the blog last week you will find that there are many industries where there is a risk of flash fires including: oil, mining, welding, chemical, refineries, granaries, maintenance and manufacturing. They come in many shapes and sizes but the most important factor when considering what to buy is that you are adequately protected. All good suppliers of Flame retardant clothing will sell items that fully protect the wearer, to ensure this protection you must make sure they fit properly.

To protect against other types of high heat, other specialist clothing is available, such as Cantex that protects the wearer against electrical Arcs.

Functionality second

The clothing that you choose has usually got to serve another function other than to protect against high heat, for this reason there is a range of clothing that has functionality in mind. Items such as flame retardant coveralls enable you to carry on working in the way you might be used to but also provide much needed protection.

Much of the flame retardant clothing out there is available with a high visibility coating that further increases safety by ensuring the wearer is always visible. This is useful in any industry where being seen is key to safety, for example maintenance workers who work near busy roads. Finally flame retardant clothing can be found in waterproof versions for when the English weather just wont let up.

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