What To Consider When Purchasing Flame Retardant Clothing

Purchasing Flame Retardant clothing

Man wears flameproof goretex jacket So we’ve already covered who needs to buy Flame Retardant clothing, how to understand your needs and which fabrics to consider, but now that you’ve made the decision to buy what do you need to consider and what does the process entail.

This post will cover…

  • Sizing – including correct chest, waist and leg measurements
  • Branding – make sure your logo doesn’t let you down
  • Ordering – Don’t miss out on great deals

Make sure it fits

To ensure your flame retardant clothing provides total, effective protection each piece must fit perfectly. To ensure this you need to make sure you buy the right size clothing.

Many manufacturers use different measuring systems. Workwear clothing is produced all over the world, the best is produced in Sweden and their measuring system is very different to anything used in the UK. To make sure your clothing is the right fit you need to know how to measure yourself and how to then convert this into the manufacturers sizes. Hear is a quick guide on how to measure yourself.

How to measure your chest:

▪   Wrap the tape measure under your armpits, around the fullest part of your chest.

▪   The tape measure should be snug. Not so tight that it constricts breathing, but not so loose that the tape measure slides down.

▪   Don’t puff out or flex your chest. Just stand normally.

How to measure your waist:

▪   Measure around your waist at about navel level.

▪   Put a finger between your body and the tape measure to ensure maximum comfort.

How to measure your inside leg:

▪   Remove your shoes.

▪   Get your girlfriend (or a friend you really trust) to measure your inner leg from the lowest part of your crotch (the bottom of your family jewels) to your foot.

Once you’ve measured yourself be sure to compare these measurements to the guides that will be available on any good sellers website.

Flame Retardant Branding

Once you’ve found the right fit you can think about personalising your clothing to display your company’s logo. Branding can help promote a strong corporate image and ensure the people who have contact with your employees remember your company name.

The best suppliers of flame protective clothing will provide a comprehensive branding service including embroidery, heat seal branding and printing. Each of these can be used to give your clothing a unique and professional look ensuring you will be remembered.  But remember, these need to be flame retardant too.  Be sure to ask for flame retardant thread (this has a limited colour palate) or heavy duty heat seal badges


Once you’ve chosen your sizes and the branding you’ve got to place your order.

There are several things you need to remember when placing an order. The first is postage, often when ordering online people forget about the postage, the cost of which can be fairly substantial due to the nature of the order.

The second is making sure you’ve got all that you need at the right price. Most suppliers will be willing to make some sort of discount especially if your placing a big order, the best way to get this is to have some sort of contact with an individual at the company ideally over the phone where you can negotiate.

Obviously we’d love to speak with you if you’re looking to order flame retardant clothing.  You can reach Mandy via email at info@theworkcothinggroup.com or call (UK +44) 01635 527301.  We hope you’ve found the post useful

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