Tranemo Workwear – about the brand

tranemo ready for workWe’ve had a number of customers ask us “who is Tranemo?” so we thought we’d write a little blog by way of an introduction.  We believe in the quality of Tranemo flame retardant range, you may too..

Tranemo is a family owned Swedish company that was founded in 1934, they have been producing quality heavy duty garments and field uniforms for the army. They now focus on developing and manufacturing workwear and protective clothing for industries across the world.

Tranemo produces a range of flame retardant clothing that uses the method of inherent flame protection. This is the process by which the clothing is woven throughout with flame resistant fibres ensuring that the flame resistant properties are not washed out. The non fire resistant fabric is treated with chemicals that gradually wash out. The combination of these two materials means the clothing remains wearable and washable with the added flame resistance that lasts.

tranemo high spec cantex jacket at workThe majority of the Tranemo range is woven with antistatic fibres that prevents the build up of static electricity, this static electricity is dangerous in industries such as fuel logistics where a spark from a build up of static electricity can cause a fire.

Tranemo produces a wide range of garments for a variety of industries and dangerous working situations. The range includes electric arc protection, protection for exposure to hot metal and for working in cold, rainy environments.

Tranemo also produces high visibility workwear for use in industries that need to ensure their workers safety. These garments are made with fluorescent material in a variety of high visibility colours.  The clothing are also woven with highly reflective strips ensuring the best possible visibility.

Each of the garments in each of Tranemo’s ranges is produced to the highest level of quality and adheres to strict European guidelines to provide the best possible protection.

If you want more info on the Tranemo or would like to see if it matches your health and safety requirements, please drop an email to or call +44 (0)1635 527301


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