Haix Safety Boots – A potted history

Haix office - where lovely boots are madeWe’ve had a number of customers call us asking about Haix safety boots.  The main question being “why are they so f***ing expensive?”

The answer is, in short, that they’re German.  So very , very German.  For the longer answer, read on…

Founded in 1948 by Xaver Haimeri in the Bavarian town of Mainburg, the HAIX® group began its life as a shoe factory, producing hiking boots and work boots for various brand names. Their decades of experience have developed to now provide protective footwear of the highest quality that is sold to industries and professionals throughout the world.

The HAIX® range now includes everything from Fireproof footwear through to military grade footwear. Each of the products in the range is produced to the highest possible standards, standards that are ensured by tests carried out in their in-house laboratory. This testing ensures that each product not only complies with but also exceeds all statutory standards and certificates and results in an end product that provides the best possible protection.

Haix boot cutaway imageEvery Haix boot or shoe is produced with particular environments and activities in mind and are designed to protect you from specific hazards encountered in each industry. A combination of patented technologies and excellent craftsmanship combine to create footwear that is not only functional and durable but also comfortable.

Combined with any of the other products that we have discussed in previous weeks HAIX® can provide an unrivaled level of protection. Specialising in footwear means that the knowledge about their craft is unrivaled, this experience culminates in a product that you can trust.

So there you have it.  Haix is a company where a foot fetish is probably a healthy thing. But why take it from us?  We’re trying to sell the things to you.  We have no idea who the person in this video is, but he really loves his Haix Airpower X1’s.  Until next time…

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