Lightweight Flame Retardant Clothing Options

How Flame resistant clothing can keep you cool and protected!


heat (Photo credit: Nanaki)

Continuing on from our previous blog ‘understanding flame retardant clothing’, this post looks at how flame retardant clothing keeps you cool in heated situations.

Fire resistant clothing’s first function is to keep the wearer safe, but what happens when that protection ends up seriously affecting their capacity to work?  Work environments that require FR clothing also require those in it to remain focused and functional. When working in these conditions the ability to stay cool and comfortable is essential.

Intelligent design

Pioner Nomex Coverall

Pioner Nomex Coverall – one of the lightest coveralls on the market

The best quality products use not only advanced fabrics but also intelligent design to keep workers as safe possible in hazardous environments. The top brands use lightweight materials in their clothing to ensure wearers remain mobile and comfortable. In situations that require FR fabrics the wearer will inevitably be exerting themselves. Manoeuvrability makes all that exerting far easier (and so less tiring) and that extra energy and movement makes reacting to danger easier too.  This is the true value of Nomex flame retardant clothing, it’s the lightest fabric and offers the highest protection

Overheating in FR clothing can seriously affect concentration at the time it’s needed most. FR clothing manufacturers combat this in much the same way sports-wear does. FR clothing is made ‘breathable’ by incorporating patches of specially designed material in key positions, allowing a flow of air to permeate the garment and keep the wearer cool.

Cool Guard®

A great example of this is with Du Pont’s Cool Guard® range. This is a range of garments that can be worn under the standard protective equipment. Patented phase change material allows the wearer to remain cool and severely reduces the threat of heat stress. 

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