What to wear under your Flame retardant coveralls

How safe does your underwear make you feel?

The garments we’ve discussed so far protect you externally from the hazards of the working environment, but for complete protection you should always wear heatproof underwear. This post will guide you through the benefits of heatproof underwear and give you a little taster of what is available.

Antonio Felix da Costa - redbull F1 vestFlame retardant clothing is designed to protect you in environments where heat is a serious threat but what you probably didn’t realise is that heat can still be very easily transferred through to your skin and depending on what you’re wearing underneath can be still be a danger.

What not to wear

When deciding what to wear under your flame retardant clothing the one over-arcing point that all manufacturers make is, ‘do not wear man-made clothing with a high percentage of plastic or synthetic fibres’. An example of what not to wear is a Football shirt, these can melt in the high heat and will stick to your flesh causing severe burns, cotton and polyester clothing can be the same, melting or even igniting.

What to wear

There are many options available from manufactures when choosing what to wear under your flame retardant clothing depending on what environment or industry you are working in and what outer protection you are wearing. There is a wide range of garments from boxers to balaclavas, each is usually made from wool or some other more heat-resistant fabric, some are even woven with carbon to absorb the heat.

Motor racing is a great example of when fire-retardant under underwear is used. Drivers are at risk of being trapped and exposed to flames for extended periods of time, the race suits and under garments they wear are designed to give them a few precious seconds in which to escape.

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