CANTEX: Flame Retardant Material Focus Part 3


Manufactured by Swedish company Tranemo, Cantex is a flame retardant material with a cotton feel and a weight of 350g/m2. Consisting of an inherent flame retardant fibre, pure cotton and a carbon fibre it means that, like last week’s focus: Nomex, Cantex does not rely on a chemical treatment for its flame proof qualities. This eliminates the risk of its effectiveness degrading after numerous washes.

Molten Steel

Unlike Nomex however, Cantex is not an all-rounder; instead it does a few key things really well. Cantex has been especially designed for workers who come into close contact with molten metal as well as electricians and workers in the power industry, and workers in industries where static electricity must be avoided – such as petrochemical storage. Anti-static clothing is a whole other topic, and one covered in a previous post.

The Nordic countries have numerous industries linked to the production and processing of metals: in Sweden and Finland mainly steel, Norway and Iceland; aluminium. Cantex garments are specifically designed for workers exposed to the convective and/or radiant heat resulting from molten metal splash.

ATEX Protection

Designated ATEX zones – places with an explosive atmosphere – fall under specific EU regulations describing what work and equipment is allowed there.


Workers in these environments, such as petrochemical storage or logistics, need a garment which provides flame retardant protection without a build-up of static charge that could trigger an igniting spark. Cantex garments do exactly that; they come woven with antistatic fibres to meet ATEX regulations, prevent mishap and keep workers safe.

Arc Blasts

People working with high voltage electricity are at risk of being exposed to an electric arc. Whilst these accidents are relatively rare thanks to precautionary measures within the industry, incidents do sometimes still occur.

An arc blast can reach temperatures of 20,000 degrees centigrade; hotter than the surface of the sun. However, with an Arc Thermal Performance Value (APTV) of almost 12, and Heat Attenuation Factor (HAF) value of almost 80%, the fabric offers some of the best protection against electric arc possible.

Cantex is strong, reliable, comfortable and easy to care for – simply industrial wash with a synthetic detergent. And it’s very good at what it does: providing fire retardant protection from high voltage arcs, molten metal splashes and preventing static build up. If those are the primary risks associated with your industry, you should be wearing Cantex.

For more information on Flame Retardant Clothing, check out our other guides: Nomex and Proban.

And for electric arc protection, Specialist Work Clothing have an extensive range on our website.


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