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Eco-friendly flame retardant materials: The latest

The need for flame retardant materials in the workplace has increased rapidly in recent years with the increased use of plastics, which are combustible and therefore hazardous around industrial machinery. From smartphone and tablet production in the electronics industry to … Continue reading

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Brominated Flame Retardants: Stuff you don’t really need to know but is still quite interesting anyway

Ever wondered what the most commonplace treatments and materials that protect us from fire are called? We can imagine that question has kept you up many a night. Don’t worry, we’ve written an article (below). The answer to your question … Continue reading

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Stitching and zips on flame retardant clothing. How do they work?

Zips. Humble little things that have been keeping us high and dry since 1890, when Whitcomb L. Judson patented the first modern zipper. Judson was a prolific inventor, but his ‘chain-lock fastener’ remains his most-recognised achievement, and the basis for … Continue reading

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Fire retardant clothing and the devastating fires they protect you from

In industries where fire is a potential life-threatening danger, safety depends on preparation; every eventuality must be weighed and considered ahead of time. This means proper consideration of the safety procedures, a comprehensive assessment of the risks involved and a commitment to … Continue reading

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Flame retardant clothing: Cleaning and care advice

Although flame retardant clothing is rough and tough and able to withstand intense temperatures, they still need proper care to maintain their flame retardant properties and keep the fabric in excellent condition. It’s not just a case of bunging them … Continue reading

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Intumescents 101

While not used in the manufacture of work clothing, when it comes to fireproofing, intumescents are a key substance that anyone working within the fields of construction and/or fire safety should be aware of. Commonly found in a putty form, … Continue reading

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European Safety Standards and Codes: What do they mean?

Knowledge of industry standards is crucial when choosing the correct safety workwear for your crew. At first glance the range of safety standards, codes and symbols can be confusing but fear not, we have put together this handy guide to … Continue reading

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